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Principal's Message

     The whole point is to discipline the mind – Swami Vivekananda

      I wake up every single day to realise that I have thousands of students awaiting eagerly to bring about the change for the following generations to come. A three year educational journey for a student through a highly disciplined path remains as the goal for me and for our team of dedicated teacher and faculty members.

     Freedom with responsibility helps every student to achieve his dreams.

     Holding the motto of do and dare, students are moulded to perform their duties courageously and to be bold enough to face the challenges in the modern fast-phased world.

     We are a college with a difference as we stand as the ray of hope for students hailing from villages all the Nilgiris.

     I act more as a guardian waiting for the students to open their wings and come out flying colours to realise their dreams. A well educated student stands as a good example for a family. My responsibility does not end there. We strive to give our nation highly disciplined and well educated students.

     My involvement with the student is a never ending wonderful journey: together we aspire to make a difference.

     Nothing gives me more happiness than to see my students eagerly rushing for the classes and ending their day with a smile.

     All your suggestions and ideas to make this college centre for exuberant education are welcome.


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College shall spare no effort to continue to spread and futher strengthen its academic ambience for all classes of students and teachers.


To mould students of the college into well-meaning citizens of the nation through a socially committed, intellectually inclined, culture driven and future oriented paradigm of learning.


Making education as a powerful medium and a tool to promote the social and economic development to backward communities.