Period      What has done..
1955-1956 College commenced with intermediate classes on July 16th.
1957-1958 UG courses , such as B.A. History, B.Sc Botany and B.Sc Mathematics, B.A Economics, B.Sc Physics were introduced.
1962-1963 U.G. Courses, such as B.Sc Botany and B.Sc Zoology were introduced.
1963-1964 UG Courses , B.Sc Chemistry was introduced.
1964-1965 UG Courses, BA tamil Literature was introduced.
1971-1972 U.G Courses, BA Economics was introduced and Evening college was started.
1977-1978 U.G Courses B.A Defence studies was introduced.
1980-1981 P.G Courses M.A Defence studies was introduced.
1981-1982 P.G Courses M.A Tamil Literature was introduced.
1982-1983 U.G Courses B.Com was introduced.
1983-1984 Evening College for commerce(B.Com) and P.G course, M.Sc Physics were introduced.
1984-1985 P.G Courses, M.Sc Chemistry and Research courses, such as M.Phil, Ph.D were introduced in botany department.
1987-1988 Research courses, Such as M.Phil and Ph.D were introduced in tamil department .
1999-2000 U.G Courses, B.Sc computer science was introduced.
2003-2004 U.G courses,Such as BA Tourism and Travel Management, B.Com(CA) , MA(CA) in elglish and M.Com(IB) were introduced.
2005-2006 PG Courses such as, MA History, M.Sc Wildlife Biology were started.
2007-2008 II Shift classes for BSc Computer Science, BCom, BCom (CA) was introduced.
2012-2013 Research courses M.Phil and ph.D were introduced in physics, Commerce and Zoology.
2013-2014 UG Courses such as B.Sc electronics and B.Sc wild life biology ,
B.Com(IB) and PG Courses, MA Economics, M.Com ,M.Sc maths M.Sc. Zoology and
Research course,M.Phil in Economics were started.
2018-2019 PG courses such as M.Com(CA), M.Sc Computer Science and Research courses , M.Phil and Ph.D in English were introduced.


College shall spare no effort to continue to spread and futher strengthen its academic ambience for all classes of students and teachers.


To mould students of the college into well-meaning citizens of the nation through a socially committed, intellectually inclined, culture driven and future oriented paradigm of learning.


Making education as a powerful medium and a tool to promote the social and economic development to backward communities.